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Frequently Asked Questions

01. Direct Booking

What is Direct Booking?

Direct Booking is a travel agency that operates via a very efficient online booking portal: www.directbooking.ro. Currently the portal hosts over 1000000 offers in Romania and abroad. Through the portal you can find complete information about the hotels, your vacation or about sightseeing in the area. The portal provides comprehensive information on costs and booking travel packages and enable even online payment. Once the reservation is confirmed, you can download all travel documents, including invoice and voucher.
The portal can register for free owners of hotels or hostels, who want to promote their tourism offer and sell through our portal.

How can offer Direct Booking the lowest prices?

Low fees
We know that we are in a recession and we lowered our fees in order to have the lowest possible prices.
Direct collaborations
Direct Booking is working directly with major tour operators and with affiliated hotels that are publishing their offers in our portal.
Sales volume
Our strategy is to sell as many packages online, which means lower costs with onsite promotion. Our offer is very diverse and suitable for all budgets.
The future is online
Direct Booking wants to become the biggest online travel shop from Romania, by connecting the hotel with the tourists at the lowest prices.

02. Search for holiday

How search a destination?

In our portal you will find  information about hotels, tours, cities, states, regions, countries and landmarks. On the main page you can search a section according to the type (category), geographical destination or hotel name or package tour (cruise circuit etc.)
Search for vacation type is useful when you want to seasonal packages regardless of location or a less specific location (eg Seaside offers in Greece).
Search destination is useful when you want to find accommodation in a certain area, regardless of other criteria.
Search for hotel name is useful when you know the full or partial name of a hotel.

How to use advanced search?

Visit the advanced search menu from the homepage (left menu) or click here. The advanced search page will provide different search filters to help you find your destination. Search filters are classified into categories, to be easy to focus only on those filters that are meaningful for you. There is no need to fill in each search criteria.

Once you set filter criteria for your interesting, click the search button to start your search.

In the bottom right of the page, you will find the hotels or tourist packages, deals or circuits.
In the left side of search results you will find a filter that can be used to narrow results based on distance to a sight or by country / region / resort. To filter results based on this additional filter, press links "Filter by distance" or "Filter by location".
Search results can be displayed on the map by pressing the "Show map". They can be saved for further access by pressing the "Save results" button or can be sent via email by clicking the "Email" button.


What are favorite hotels?

List of favorite hotels is a list that you can create if you add hotels to this list. If you want to add a hotel to your list of favorite hotels, please click on the icon in the form of heart, which is found in the top left corner of the hotel photo.

This list can be accessed anytime, from any hotel page, from the left side of the page. This list can be sent by email, to be analyzed later by you or a friend.

03. Reservations

How to book a stay or a room at a hotel?

Looking for offers on this website, you will notice that we have different rates for the same hotel. These rates come from suppliers with whom we collaborate. Review services included and choose the best offer for you.

Once you find the hotel you want, choose the date, number of nights, number of tourists, the type of room (single, double, etc.), transportation and meals, then: 

  • place an order by clicking the book/request reservation button, which is under the tariff;
  • fill in the form and access the button MAKE RESERVATION, obtaining in this way a registration number;
  • wait for our answer regarding the availability of the offer, which you will receive on the email address, in about 48 h-working days;
  • if the answer is positive, you will receive a proforma invoice, on the basis of which you make the payment (advance or full payment, depending on conditions specified in the each offer);
  • booking arrangements for services ordered will start after you send us a proof of the payment; afterwards, we will wait for the answer regarding the supplier's guarantee services.

The order will not involve any payment; you can place as many orders as you want, for checking availability.

If the property does not display offers, as a result of a search, it means that:

  • either it has no rooms available during the period requested 
  • either does not have price offer for this hotel 
  • or the number of persons entered in the search criteria is too large
How to check availability?

Seats available as status means that the offer comes from a supplier what holds  rooms in allotment (prepaid rooms). In this case, the likelihood that the services ordered are confirmed by the supplier is much higher. 

Room availability will be checked only after the order is placed online; the customer will be notified in writing, informed on the email address communicated in form.

To check the availability of multiple hotels, you have to place your order online for each of them. The online order itself will not force a further payment.

The answer on availability

The average period of the supplier's response is 48 h-working days, but in the full season we may wait up to 7 working days. We cannot estimate exactly, sending a reply depends on the supplier and on the number of orders that he is working on.

Ordering online for more rooms

After filling the information relating to the first room ordered (for a family), you can find, right-down, ADD A NEW ROOM button. Follow the steps required further.

Changing the order / reservation

If you want to make changes in the order/reservation, you must inform in writing, by email, the travel agent who is in charge with your order/reservation, specifying what you want to change. The agent checks under what conditions changes can be made, then notifies you, by email.

NON REFUNDABLE reservations do not allow changes or cancellations.


Canceling the order / reservation

Cancellation of orders/reservations shall be made only by written notification, sent by email to the travel agent that is is charge with your order/reservation.

Cancellation Policy

Conditions are stipulated in the contract, in section VI. "Disclaimers, penalty, compensation (depending on order/reservation)". As a result of the written cancellation notification, the travel agent will inform you on the conditions/penalties in case of cancellation.

04. Payment

When pay services?

The final booking of the rooms can be made only after a payment (deposit or full, depending on the conditions of the package), which is a mandatory condition imposed by the supplier. If tourists confirm the reservation, but cancel it later, Direct Booking may have to pay 100% penalties to the supplier.

When you pay, we make arrangements to book the services ordered, but it is always necessary to wait the final confirmation of booking from our supplier.

Within about 48 h-working days, you will receive the answer, on email, regarding the confirmation / invalidation of your booking.

What are the payment methods?

A full description of the methods of payment accepted by Direct Booking can be found in the payment methods page.

Different alternatives are accepted, such as: partial cash - partial card/; partly Euro - partially Ron.

Exchange parity

For a cash payment in Ron of an order in Euro, the parity is made at the rate the day of payment + 2% fee for currency risk. The proforma invoice includes the parity and the fee.


Payment confirmation

In order to book the room quickly, it is necessary that you send the proof of payment (photo-copy/scan/fax), by email. Proof shall be sent by email to the travel agent who is in charge with your order.


If, after payment in full or a deposit of the total amount, the supplier no longer confirms room availability, you have the following options:

  • ask the agent in charge for alternatives of accommodation
  • send your bank account, currency account and the account holder, by email, to the travel agent, so that he can return your money

The reimbursement shall be made on the day that we receive your bank account, but the margin is 48 h workdays.


05. Travel documents

Travel documents

All notices shall be received on the email address mentioned in the order and documents shall be sent as attachment, in PDF format.
For reservations, we will send, with acknowledgment of receipt, the following: contract / invoice (the full amount) / travel voucher; by case: flight / bus transportation voucher / departure information / medical insurance.

Airfare / coach tickets and information on departure will be sent 2-3 days before check in. This is the term received from the supplier.

Issued documents (contract, invoice, voucher) received by email, as attachment, have stamps and signatures, but they are perfectly valid without them, according to Law 571/2003, Article 155, para. 6. Also, the documents have registration numbers both in our reservation system, as in the one of the supplier.

Travel insurance is valid without the signature of the agency.

The proforma invoice is issued after the confirmation of availability, but does not represent and guarantee the services ordered.  The reservation is made only on the basis of a payment in advance and we always have to wait for the final confirmation from the hotel / provider.

Signing the contract

The contract between you and directbooking.ro take effect when your reservation is confirmed by the supplier. This agreement is also found in the contract, Chapter II, Article 2.1. Contract terms will take effect only after a minimum advance or full payment, depending on the terms of the offer, and after giving final confirmation of booking, through agreed means (eg email, fax).
You agree with the terms stipulated in the contract when placing the order and when you check the box for terms and conditions.
No need to send the signed and stamped contract by email.


Documents presented at hotel

At the hotel, you have to present the voucher and the travel related document: ID or passport.

If you travel with small children, we recommend you to have a copy of the birth certificate.

06. Check in – check out


The entrance and exit of the accommodation shall be made as follows:

Check in: 14:00 – Check out: 12:00 in foreign countries

Check in: 18:00 – Check out: 12:00 in Romania
Important: If you won't arrive at the hotel on the day of check in, the hotel can consider this as a NO SHOW (no show accommodation) and has the option to no longer keep the room. 
We recommend you to notify in writing the travel agent that is in charge of your reservation, mentioning the date of arrival at the hotel, so that the hotel keeps the room.

07. Situations overbooking

What is overbooking?

Overbooking phenomenon is independent of agency/portal, it depind on the hotel management (hotel confirms beyond physics rooms). As it appears in the contract with the tourist, our liability in such situations, is:

• to propose alternatives, similar or superior services than the ones ordered 

• to return the amount paid, if you do not agree to the proposed alternatives

08. Suggestions and complaints

Where can I send a complant / suggestion?

For complaints and suggestions, please fill out the contact form in the site and select: "Suggestions and complaints".

Email: reclamatii@directbooking.ro

The complaint will be taken over by the staff member in charge of your booking, to be promoted to management and get the answer in the shortest time possible.