Card payment information
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Card payment information

Lately Internet payment have become more and more common for Romans. The advantages of modern payment methods began to pay off and, according to statistics, online payment tools are a natural thing in a society increasingly Dynamic accommodation.

It is also true that attempts of theft or fraud have multiplied. It is a phenomenon that inevitably accompanies development of online payment services. To fully enjoy a safe online experience, we hope that the following information will be helpful.

On the communication that are between you, as the client (user of and Direct Booking we must be made certain remarks: our agency sends e-mails regarding the payments, reservation and confirmation or cancelations without requiring additional data such as your bank account, card numbers or PINs , passwords or other codes. Our messages are personalized with the sender identification.

Therefore, if your recieve any suspicious email that asks you for bank details, please do not provide such info and please contact us for clarification.

Here are some useful tips to avoid attacks of pishing (theft of personal / confidential data):

- Do not respond and do not click on links in emails that ask for personal, financial or account details.

- Check the message fields: address "From" and "Return-path" should have as reference the same source.

- Instead access links in emails, direct access websites by typing the web address in the browser, use the cut / paste or using bookmarks.

- If you are on a secure page check "https" at the beginning of the URL and the padlock icon in the browser.

- Ensure that all programs antivirs and spyware, browser and security patches on your computer are updated to the latest version, run system scans periodically.

- Review your accounts regularly and check that there were cases of unauthorized activity.

- Use a browser that has anti-pishing filter (Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera).